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Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro: Tips, Tricks & Hidden Capabilities

Google Pixel Hidden Features

Welcome to the world of Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, where beyond the surface lies a treasure trove of hidden features waiting to enhance your smartphone experience. In this guide, we’ll explore some remarkable tips, tricks, and hidden capabilities that make these devices truly exceptional.

Here are the some Unknown Google Pixel Hidden Features

1. Creative Messaging with Magic Compose

Gemini, the brains behind Pixel’s innovation, introduces Magic Compose—a feature designed to revolutionize your messaging experience. This unique addition analyzes incoming messages and provides automatic response suggestions, injecting a creative flair into your conversations. Activating Magic Compose is a breeze, offering a simple process to elevate your overall messaging interactions.

2. Voice Recognition on Gboard

Taking voice recognition to the next level, Pixel integrates seamlessly with Google Gboard through the prowess of Gemini. This feature significantly improves voice-to-text translations by training Gboard to understand your unique voice and speech patterns. What sets this apart is its offline functionality, ensuring efficient voice typing even without an internet connection. According to user feedback, this is a standout feature that truly enhances the usability of Pixel devices.

3. Text Highlight Search in Chrome

For avid Google Chrome users, Gemini unveils a game-changer—Text Highlight Search. Now, you can highlight any text on a webpage and initiate an instant search within a separate tab. This proves to be invaluable for swift information retrieval without disrupting your ongoing browsing experience. It’s a feature that aligns seamlessly with the Pixel philosophy of making tasks quicker and more intuitive.

4. Activate Always-On Display

One of the most attractive capabilities of the Pixel is the Always-On Display. To prompt it, go to your telephone’s settings and navigate to the show settings. Select “Lock Screen” & allow the option that says “Always display primary data on lock display.” Once enabled, your Pixel will show the time, date, and notifications even when the display screen is locked. This feature provides a touch of beauty on your tool and is a notable opportunity to the iPhone’s constantly-on screen.

5. Customize Your Home Screen

Personalize your Pixel’s home display screen by means of customizing the app icons and grid length. To reduce the dimensions of app icons, lengthy-press on an empty area, pick out “Wallpaper and Style” & exchange the grid size to 5×5. This allows you to fit more apps in a row and maximize your screen area. Additionally, you can enable themed icons which routinely trade the color of your app icons primarily based for your wallpaper. These simple customization options upload a unique touch in your Pixel’s appearance.

Google Pixel Hidden Features
Google Pixel Hidden Features

6. Add the Extra Dim Toggle

The Extra Dim toggle is a on hand device that permits you to dim your display beyond the minimum brightness. This function is specifically beneficial at night whilst you need to keep away from worrying others. To upload the Extra Dim toggle in your short panel, swipe right down to open the notification panel and click on the edit icon. Drag the Extra Dim feature to the top and enjoy a more comfortable viewing experience in low-light situations.

7. Discover Now Playing

Now Playing is a convenient characteristic that shows the name of the music playing round you in your lock display screen. You don’t need to install any third-party applications because this feature is built into your Pixel. To activate Now Playing, go to display settings, select “Lock Screen” & enable the option. This feature adds a touch of musical magic to your Pixel experience.

8. Unlock New Gestures

Unlock a world of opportunities with the double tap gesture on the lower back of your Pixel. By default, double-tapping takes a screenshot, but you can assign this gesture to various actions such as turning on the torch, showing notifications, playing or pausing music or opening any application of your choice. To activate this feature, go to system settings, select “Gestures” & enable the “Quick Tap to Start Action” option. Explore the range of actions available and find the one that suits your needs.

9. Experience Adaptive Connectivity

In addition to capabilities like adaptive brightness and adaptive battery, Pixel phones provide a unique feature known as adaptive connectivity. This characteristic can be discovered within the settings under “Internet and Network.” Adaptive connectivity enables extend battery life & improve device performance by means of routinely dealing with your network connection. If this option is disabled for your cellphone, make sure to allow it to beautify your Pixel’s performance.

10. Maximize Multi-Tasking with Split Screen

Boost your productiveness with the split display characteristic to your Pixel. Some programs might not assist split display with the aid of default, however you can unencumber this feature by way of accessing the developer alternatives to your settings. Under “System” and “Developer Options,” allow “Activities to be Resizable,” “Enable Freeform Window,” and “Enable Non-Resizable in Multi-Window.” Once enabled, you can open any app in a break up display screen view and revel in seamless multitasking.

11. Customize Power Button Functionality

If you locate the default strength button capability to your Pixel inconvenient, you may without problems exchange it. By default, long-urgent the electricity button activates the Google Assistant. To change this, go to settings, pick “Apps,” after which choose “Assistant.” Disable the choice that says “Hold strength button for Assistant.” Now, while you lengthy-press the strength button, you will see the energy menu as a substitute. Customize your Pixel’s energy button to fit your preferences.

12. Enable Screen Protector Mode

If you have implemented a display screen protector or tempered glass to your Pixel, it is vital to enable the display screen protector mode. This setting can be determined within the display settings underneath “Screen Protector Mode.” Enabling this feature will increase contact sensitivity and improves touch reaction when the usage of a display protector. Protect your display and make certain optimum touch performance by enabling this mode.

13. Keep Track of Notifications

Have you ever by accident disregarded an vital notification? With the notification records feature, you may preserve song of all the notifications you acquire to your Pixel. Simply enable notification records within the notification settings, and you’ll have a log of all your notifications. This characteristic ensures that you by no means miss any crucial records.

14. Prevent Screen Timeout with Screen Attention

Prevent your Pixel’s display screen from turning off whilst you are actively searching at it with the display screen attention feature. This characteristic can be located within the show settings beneath “Screen Timeout.” Enable the choice known as “Screen Attention,” and your Pixel will stumble on when you are looking at the screen and save you it from timing out. This function is especially useful whilst analyzing or looking something for an prolonged length.

15. Unblur and Magic Eraser for Picture Enhancement

Pixel devices offer unique capabilities to enhance your snap shots. The unblur feature permits you to lessen undesirable blurriness from any image in your gallery. Simply select the picture, faucet on the edit icon, and select the “Unblur” option. Adjust the amount of unblur to your choice, and watch because the photograph will become clearer and more targeted.
The Magic Eraser feature helps you dispose of undesirable gadgets from your images. Tap at the edit icon, select “Tools,” and pick out “Magic Eraser.” Highlight the object you want to eliminate, and let the Magic Eraser work its magic. This characteristic is a awesome tool for perfecting your images and putting off distractions.

16. Capture High-Quality Videos

Your Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are able to recording stunning 4K 60fps videos. Ensure that you have set the video decision to 4K 60fps to seize outstanding videos. Additionally, enable video stabilization within the digital camera settings to reduce digital camera shake and make your movies smoother and more professional-searching. With these settings, unleash your internal filmmaker and seize breathtaking films from your phone.

So, these were a few Google pixel hidden features, if you have a pixel then use these & make everything easy with the pixel.


In conclusion, these hidden features go beyond the surface, adding layers of functionality and creativity to your Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. From the artistry of Magic Compose in messaging to the efficiency of voice recognition on Gboard and the convenience of Text Highlight Search in Chrome, each feature contributes to an enriched user experience. Dive into these hidden capabilities, unlock the full potential of your Pixel, and embrace a smartphone journey unlike any other.

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