Atletico Madrid Over Real Madrid in Thrilling Copa del Rey Clash

Atletico's Dramatic Win: Atletico Madrid secures a thrilling 4-2 victory over Real Madrid in extra time, earning a spot in the Copa del Rey quarterfinals.

Griezmann and Riquelme Shine: Antoine Griezmann and Rodrigo Riquelme score crucial goals in extra time, turning the tide in Atletico's favor after a 2-2 draw in regular time.

Metropolitano Drama: The intense derby match takes place at a packed Metropolitano, providing a captivating atmosphere for the clash between the two rivals.

Errors and Comebacks: The game is marked by notable errors, including an own goal by Atletico's goalkeeper Jan Oblak and a defensive mistake leading to Álvaro Morata's equalizer for Real Madrid.

Morata's Missed Opportunity: Álvaro Morata misses a key chance in the 82nd minute, leading to a Real counter-attack and eventual equalization by Joselu, sending the match to extra time.

Griezmann's Magic Moment: Antoine Griezmann's 100th-minute solo effort, stealing the ball and scoring, proves to be a highlight of the match and a crucial moment for Atletico.