Starbucks Cups  Design Through The Years

Starbucks Cups 1997

Starbucks Cups 1998

Starbucks is testing reusable cup programs and testing ways to shift away from single- use plastic cups,

Starbucks Cups 2000

“Coffeetown” was the theme for the Y2K cup, depicting a whimsical village of coffee pots, set against a glittering nighttime sky.

Starbucks Cups 2001

The cups themselves are designed to look like a present, trimmed with green and red ribbon and old-fashioned postage stamps.

Starbucks Cups 2006

Illustrations that appear as intricate cut paper silhouettes gather in traditional holiday tableaux.

Starbucks Cups 2010

The cups take on a more modern vibe with new holiday characters catching snowflakes in a palette of red, white and gray.

Starbucks Cups 2017

Later in the season, a red cup debuted with a white heart inviting customers to “Give Good.”

Starbucks Cups 2020

Designers started with little ribbons like washi tape (a decorative, adhesive tape) and wrapped them in different ways on cups.

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