corona in india

Coronavirus in India


Coronavirus in Delhi, Telangana

As we all know coronavirus has now spread to India which has reported 5 positive cases in total including 2 cases in Kerala before. People affected by this are kept under observations and their conditions looks to be stable. The virus has claimed nearly 3,000 lives.

Climatic condition advantage which can fight against corona in India

India’s high temperature and humidity make difficult for the virus to live. Aggarwal, also a former president of the Indian Medical Association, traces the origin and spread of the epidemic thus: Viruses prefer lower temperatures, which is why they have spread speedily in cooler and less humid southeast Asian areas like Japan and South Korea. But in India’s case, even though the first patient (a Kerala student) was diagnosed quite a long while ago, there has still been no sign of an outbreak.

The Danger of Corona in India is still possible :

According to a large section of experts, India’s risks of catching the virus are really high because of the high population density here.

The paramount fear now is that the situation could degenerate very rapidly if ‘super spreader’ cases emerge. Super spreaders (human carriers) are infected people who transmit the disease to a large number of people in a community — like the one suspected in China’s first wave of cases

Right now they coronavirus is controllable and treatment it effective. But if it is spreading along with other contagious diseases that are already here, then it becomes a big concern. High incidence of pneumonia in the country may be potentially masking the transmission of coronavirus

Symptoms of coronavirus:

  1. High fever
  2. Dry cough
  3. Breathing problem
  4. Severe Headache
  5. Pneumonia

Preventive measures to take to be safe from corona:

  1. Try to be clean and hygiene and washing hands properly
  2. Protect from spreading by wearing masks and being careful from coughing and sneezing
  3. Stay Indoors most probably and consult the doctor immediately if it is necessary
  4. Try to avoid interacting with people

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