Couple attacked in erragadda

Attack on Couple in Erragadda Hyderabad due to Intercaste Marriage

Time where People are forgetting about the recent Intercaste marriage and Murder issue of Pranay and Amurtha , hyderabad has witnessed yet another such intercaste marriage incident where Couple got attacked in erragadda , the uncle of Girl has attacked the the Couple in Erragadda Sr nagar today in Hyderabad.

Pranay amrutha prany amrutha love story pranay murder

The Couple were going back to their home suddenly so called Uncle of the girl attacked the boy and then after girl who tried to stop as the attack was quite severe she has been taken to the near by hospital in Erragadda sr nagar.

People have now become so crazy about their caste and properties as they are not finding any boundaries looking to even kill the girl or boy for their prestige.

People are forgetting humanity is more important than caste and Prestige lets hope these kind of Issues never repeat again.If you Don’t like them control them and if Can’t control in the starting stage then leave them but don’t kill them by spoiling their and your’s life as well.


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