Murder in Attapur Hyderabad

Brutal Murder in Attapur Hyderabad on Wednesday

People in Hyderabad has just forgetting of couple getting attacked in Erragadda, Hyderabad has witnessed Yet another Murder and this time more brutal murder on Wednesday in Attapur Hyderabad. As there was a police constable also present there but wasn’t able to stop the murderer and the people around also tried to stop him but the murderer was strong enough to avoid and attack them. Damage has done with in few Seconds as some of them there were not able to understand what’s happening around.

Attapur murder

Reasons for Murder in Attapur Hyderabad :

Victim has been coming from Court as he was charged in murder case of Murdering his best friend Mahesh, Murderer was a family member of mahesh  and was waiting for perfect time to kill the victim Ramesh and with perfect planning he had followed and Attacked Ramesh. As he was brutally beaten Ramesh had died the Spot.

This is Almost the third Such incident happened in Hyderabad from the past 6 months, Police and law needs to make some strict Rules to avoid these Situations of not Repeating any more.



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