accident to nandmuri hari krishna

Nandmuri hari Krishna is no more.

Actor and politician Sri Nandmuri hari Krishna lost his life in road accident which happened on wednesday early hours Speeding vehicle hit the divider which made it flip and caused serious injuries to harikrishana on head. He was admitted in the kamineni hospitals in Narketpally.Doctors were unable to save him because of that serious injuries on head.

This was happen when Nandmuri hari Krishna was returning to Hyderabad after attending marriage function and in Guntur. Lokesh and CM Nara Chandrababunaidu left to the hospital on the special helicopter. Son JR NTR and Kalyan ram are on their way to kamineni hospital.

This is not the first time where NTR’s family met with accident on the same area , Hari Krishna‘s son was also lost his life in accident 4 years back in almost the same area. Even Jr.NTR was also met with accident but was safe by god’s grace. Hope these incidents make them to be more careful in future.

-Rest in Peace Sri Nandamuri Hari Krishna garu

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